Dog and baby freak out adorably when dad comes home

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Thank you. I totally needed that, today.


So cute.

Ahhh. I remember when life was like that.
Now the kids don’t even look up when I get home.

The dog though. The dog still loves me.


The first time I was gone for a couple months and returned, my wonderful dog had a euphoric fit. I wish I had filmed it. Then she jumped at my face to give me a kiss and cleft my glasses in Twain.

I love my dog.


I’m thinking the baby here loves the dog…wants to be the dog…wants to greet daddy just like the dog does :smile:


It was sad when the kids quit being excited when I got home. It was heart breaking when the dog stopped.

In the dog’s defense (and mine), he was old and senile at that point. Pretty sure he didn’t even know I had left the house.


It’s really disturbing when my cat does that. It’s just not the same.


We’ve had cats that do the same. I think it’s simply a cry for help. “Let me out!”


You had me so tempted to turn this into a “look at my dog!” thread.


What, has nobody thought of the imminent danger this kid’s in should that dog accidentally slip off the glass and scratch him? think of the possible infection risk. What if the dog turns nasty and bites?
Y’know? Y’know?


We once spent about six months in another country while my sister-in-law looked after our dogs. When I came back, the younger one came to the door in the usual excited way. When he saw me, he kind of paused for half a second before jumping all over me. Kind of like this:

We had two rescue dogs (brothers), so they were really attached to each other and to us.

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You forgot to say, “I am concerned.”


May be they also like the Cherokee

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I saw this on the local morning news and I was thinking that the dog was raising the baby. It’s so in sync.

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I love how the kid totally ignores the mom. “Yeah, no, you know nothing - MOM… if you knew what was going down right now you’d put down the phone and quit the cutesy suggestions and paw manically at this glass like there’s fire whipping at your tender heels!”

My puppy and his nightly poodle.

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