Watch: Dog barks with suspicion after owner loses 50 pounds, until he finally recognizes him


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Dogs must literally be the most emotionally transparent pets of all time. That was adorable :smiley:


“Who is this? Do you belong here? I am dog!”

“Oh my gosh! It is you! I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!”

“Now, we play!”


I have concluded that dogs are good.


There’s nothing like having a friendly dog around when you’re feeling down. They’re the best!


Dogs do “joy” well.


That transition from wary to ecstatic.

Although I have to wonder whether that dog treats all strangers that way (even when they’re obviously mingling with the family) or if he was reacting to some amount of confusion. “He looks kind of familiar but something’s amiss. I’d better bark just in case.”

I had a similar experience once (not nearly as dramatic) with my friend’s lab who knew me well. I came into his house one night with my hood up because it was raining and immediately heard a very deep and threatening growl from Charlie (the dog’s name, not my friend). I froze and slowly pulled the hood back and as soon as my head was fully exposed he instantly went into dopey welcome-to-my-house mode. That distinctive and rarely heard growl also served to catapult my friend off the couch to see who just entered his house and made his dog so suspicious.

Better than ADT I’d say.


13/10! They are good dogs, Bront!


This is why they use dogs to spot the terminators, can’t fool that nose.


I’ll bet the dog was reenacting the Odyssey.


Geez, I hope not, or he’d have given a contented sigh and laid down to die right after the clip.


It’s all great until they find out that the dog’s become a Duke fan while he was in the hospital. Talk about your Greek tragedy!


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