Dog has a funny greeting for her humans when they come home

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Nothing’s better than a happy puppy.


I’m reading that as: “Finally! You’re home. Now put on these shoes and take me for a walk already!”


“Heel, girl! Heel!”


That dog’s in ecstasy, with all those wonderful foot smells right up against her schnozz!


This dogs actions are a lot more understandable than a lot of actions taken by humans these Days (for example see: miss Hitler, working class people voting for right wing populists who screw them over, rabid Elon Musk fans, etc…)

Dogs really are the best people.

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Our family dog used to do this too! Plus you couldn’t take the shoe from her, she’d just play a gentle game of “keep away” while receiving pets. Ah Penny, gone almost 20 years now but I still miss you.


Our dog was a bit nippy as a pupper. So we trained him to go find a toy. Eventually he just went with grabbing the nearest object he could pick up, often a shoe. Then he does his wiggle dance, whines and groans a bit. It’s all a set up for more ear scratches and pats/rubs/snuggles. If he’s really happy, he’ll start sneezing and combing his facial fur on the carpet. Looking at you with those giant eyes… who is a good boy? You are.


Yep. That doggie wants walkies. I can’t take socks out of the drawer without our furbabies going into a happy dance.

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Thank you, @xeni. Wouldn’t mind the feed being flooded with doggos and cute fluffers for a full day. :heart:


Always nice to see a waggily canine bum.
Especially nice in these times.

Yet when I answer the door like that people run away.

Some things are cuter than others :slight_smile:

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