I swear this dog is saying "good morning"!

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Okaaay! I guess that could be “good morning”. More importantly, and why dogs are the best, is that they wake up each morning happy to start the new day, and thrilled to see us. If I go outside for 10 minutes and then back inside, both of my dogs act like I’m coming home from a year long sea voyage, they are so happy that I’ve returned to them. It’s impossible to be cranky when a dog does a zoomie.


… I’ve been told that my cat stands by the door and cries after I leave the house

but he’s way too cool to do anything like that in my presence :expressionless:

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I swear it is saying “breakfast”

Carlin had a bit about dogs, where he declared they only had two concepts of time: Now, and Forever.

Omg you’re here now! You’ve been gone forever!

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