Dog logic: This fun walk will never end if human can't carry my limp body up these stairs


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Keep fighting the good fight, pupper! one day, you will surely convince your human that living outside is the best way to live!


I like how, from what I saw in that video, the fun walk actually never did end.


My husky does the opposite when she’s bored with a run. She seems to think that stopping at any point will result in being magically transported back home without the need to actually travel. Speed is never a consideration, because trying to finish more quickly is never the right approach for her, only moving at an ever diminishing pace in an attempt to make me use my teleportation magic.

This is why I’m lucky if a 2 mile warmup with a dog that can run over 15 mph only takes 20 frickin’ minutes.


My dog will sometimes try and convince me to change the weather.
When it rains, he’ll indicate that he wants to go out, and of course…it’s raining. So he sits at the threshold and looks at me like "Well? I want some sun, bro."
Rinse and repeat a few times before he gives up and just goes out for a pee.


Very pyr!


Reminds me of a dog I used to petsit. She loved walks but would occasionally decide that no, the walk should end now. At that point she’d root herself on the sidewalk, paws braced, and refuse to go any further. The choices were literally drag her home by the collar (which seemed like a dick move, plus she was crazy strong) or carry her (which she was oddly 100% cool with).

Which is how I wound up carrying a 45lb pitbull down Sunset Blvd in high summer.




Doggo has read “Hyperbole & A Half” and chosen Simple Dog as a role model?


When good boys go bad.


Classic civil disobedience.


Being a god to someone isn’t easy; they tend to develop unreasonable expectations in your power.


I used to walk a golden who’d decide the walk was done and root herself down.

I solved the problem by just tying her to a lamppost and continuing along the walk with her beagle brother. She never did it again.

Dogs are like children. You just call their bluff in an unexpected way, and they’ll shape up.


Would it have been easier if she’d taken his tennis ball out of his mouth and used it as an incentive?

This coming from a cat owner who uses food as a motivator…


For the cat, or yourself?


Well, both.


My partner’s family golden retriever Barney (RIP) was legendary for absolutely refusing to walk across certain types of floor sufaces. He would sit with his front paws planted to the ground and not budge. At a huge 45kg (and not fat, by the way) carrying him was not an option.



I like it when someone gets me.

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