Baby jaguar and baby human enjoy drinking milk together


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… and then the baby Jaguar rolls over and tears the throat out of the baby Human. Wild animals are wild.


But adorable!



LOL Well it’s all fun, games and cuteness until the kitty gets really really hungry…


This will end well…


That would be the darkest episode of Go Diego Go! ever.


baby jaguar dreams of growing up and murdering baby human.


Anyone know if jaguar kittens have a shorter period of juvenile incompetence than domestic cats do? Those typically require some maturation and teaching before they become effective and motivated hunters.


In my experience kittens have sharp claws and little control over them. Bella will have an interesting story to explain her scars in years to come. “You see, my fucking idiot dad…”


Given the insanely dangerous feeding conditions condoned by this irresponsible parent, I have to say that I’m extremely concerned about the well being of this baby


Yup. Even baby jaguars have insanely sharp teeth and are pretty feisty (I say this as a veterinarian who has done his Zoo rotations). Cute as a button, but any of the larger cats can cause wounds when playing. Even if it wasn’t attacking the baby primate, it could cause serious injury accidentally.

but at least it makes for a great photo op!


Isn’t there a movie about a family that lives together with wild animals? Roar, wasn’t it, with Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffin? Roar, that’s it:

So, this is totally weird and tangentially, but when I was a real little kid - maybe 3 or 4 - my parents took us to the mall and my sister and I had our pictures taken with baby tigers (I think it was). This would have been 80 or 81? I think there are still pictures somewhere of that…

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