Everyone is smiling about this lion trying to eat a baby on live TV


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Did they roll that kid in catnip or something? That lion was really determined there. (Although to be honest, the kid didn’t seemed too disturbed by the whole thing.)


Nom nom nom!


I did… I even barked once.


Kids are friends, not food! Bad lion!


People are food, and also despoilers of the lion’s home. Good lion!


You’re absolutely right. We should further press our thumb down on the lions. If this one rebels, kill ten of it’s brethren back home. Send propaganda to Africa. This lion was clearly acting out as a political statement and not because it’s a goddamned lion.


Awwww he’s just a kitten! He thought it was a kitty treat!


Hey that’s my line!


Even Mr. Fluffy dreams of taking you down and consuming you like the barely tamed predator he is.


I’m sitting here with band-aids all over my hands because a 9 pound cat panicked while I carried her down the stairs yesterday. Maybe check the baby’s legs for claw marks?


Obviously that poor lion cub just assumed everyone else was there to feast on that baby too.



this is a guy thinking “lol, I just saw a lion try to eat a baby”


It’s like some twisted try-to-keep-your-shit-together Stanford Prison experiment. There’s got to be a mental health category for the madness induced by the thought that you’re on TV or the lack of empathy induced when you’re shooting video rather than helping someone in danger. If I were the parent I would have ripped that cat’s jaw off.


Pfft. That lion just wanted cuddle, that’s all.


That’s why you only dip the kids you don’t want to keep in BBQ sauce when visiting the zoo, peeps!


Kids: Lion tested, Mother approved.


Lions eat quite a few babies. I would be curious to know what makes this special when the food in question is human babies. Is there some ethical imperative which makes certain kinds fair game?


Humans tend to get upset when animals eat human babies. This has not been scientifically tested with clones of baby Hitler and baby Lenin, but it does seem to apply to the majority of humans.