Watch a tiger save a man from a leopard attack

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Imma gonna call BS on that one. I suspect these animals and their handler have similar creep/attack play just like housecats, so the handler was probably not in any significant danger except of being bowled over by an exuberant leopard into a pig pile of lions (which may have caused some consternation of its own). Just a matter of scale.


Yeah, I’d agree. The handler definitely disciplines the leopard with a little smack, and then seems to be going back to play. The leoipard also rolls onto its back, in a submissive presentation.


And that’s why you vote for the Tigers Saving People From Leopards Who Want To Eat Their Faces Party.


Meanwhile, human photographer keeps recording.

Appears to be play stalking, but with cats of this size a scratch could be … noticeable.


i’ve only ever been around housecats, but the body language was similar. that was definitely “play-hunting,” and the way the leopard rolled over at the end really underlines it. on the other hand, Tigers be like, “don’t go taking out our masseur! my turn is next!”


To me, it looked more like the (young) tiger wanted to play with the leopard, regardless of what it might have had planned with the human.

(Sigh. I’ll never get play bongo on the belly of a lion. I’ll have to content myself with doing it to my mastiff sleeping over there…)


This is one of those thought exercises that ends with the gorillas freezing to death, right?



If the guy weren’t drumming on a tiger’s belly for the duration of the video the “attack” and defense might be remarkable.

I’ve seen this guy’s videos, obviously all cats on screen are hand-reared and bonded with him. The “attack” cat was going to “tackle” him from behind as playing cats do, and the tiger who “saved” him decided he was going to intercept, as cats do.

He has hyenas too

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Wild animals aren’t pets. I can’t think of any good reason why this man would be in this situation.

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Possible scenario - all of these animals are rescued and raised by humans since they were young. Poachers get their parents, or some rich idiot thought they’d be a good pet. They will likely never be rehabilitated to a state where they could be returned to the wild. They are already acclimated to humans, and trying to reverse that will only make them harder and more dangerous to care for, therefore reinforcing the idea that humans are friends through play and socialization helps make it easier.

Yes, I know there are flaws here, and there are plenty of other possible scenarios. Just speculating. And yes, wild animals aren’t good pets. But while these aren’t domesticated, they also aren’t really wild anymore.

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Clickbait headline.
That cat just wanted to get in on the playing. Everyone and every animal in the scene was aware.

Well, dogs yes, that is submission.

Cats it can be a invite to petting, but it’s also a defensive position for them - on back, claws up.

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