Watch a cheetah jump into vehicle during a safari


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Sounds like sound advice. Don’t pet the cute kitty.

Also, where are their sunglasses?


In season two of preacher, there’s a scene with the modern day incarnation of Jesus Christ that predictably irreverent… That’s what this made me think of.


“Our agents were able to infiltrate the alien machine, and discovered that it contained strangely soft, oddly fragrant rocks suitable for perching on, and edible monkeys. Another, larger expedition equipped for hunting the monkeys is in the planning stage.”


Good cat. So good.


Juicy ones at that. Tourist mignon.


Is he still there?


Yep. Still there.


“Is this our Uber?”

“Mmm”, gnaw gnaw gnaw “they got complimentary chew toys back here!”


I thought Safari blocked pop-ups more effectively than that, but cheetahs gonna cheet


And this is how I’d likely die, because my filter just would not catch an enthusiastic, delighted “Kitty!” exclamation.

Which would startle the very strong cat.

I trust myself not to do grabby hands, but my mouth’s faulty clutch will probably be the death of me.


“Respect” does not strike me as the right attitude here. The sandwich I just ate for lunch treated me with respect but that didn’t work out so well for the sandwich.



Waiting for a paw to come through the wide mesh and hook his ass!

And yes, never turn your back, was waiting for the cheetah to chow down on that nice exposed back of the skull.


I love how, when the cats get caught doing their sooper sekrit stalking, they just casually turn it into “What? I’m just walkin’ here. No, I had zero intention of pouncing. Who, me? Never…”


O hai! Your headrest, it has a flavor.


This story… made you think of Humperdoo?



It must be that bit with the…
No, no, I’m not seeing the link.


Yeah… the correlation is lost me as well.



Well, my incredibly large female cat periodically reminds me that she could cause me to bleed to death at a moments notice so keep that bowl filled, dude. Also, look at how cleanly I killed this rodent/pigeon/bat I just brought you. Love me!


Even better is when a couple of cats disputing territory are doing the Mexican standoff thing sitting a few feet apart, and one casually looks away like “that bird over there is way more interesting than you are dude. You? You are nothing”.