Man runs from cheetah chasing him through a hallway

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Wish I could see more of this!


One of my favorites…
I never did look it up, but I guess this is playtime for them – I think that there are other chase videos.


Reminded me of this. Big cats in the house aren’t cool.


The first guy says, “Why are you putting on running shoes? You don’t think you’re going to outrun a cheetah, do you?”

And the second guy says, "Fuck the cheetah. I just need to outrun you.



Note to self, play dead. Cheetahs will run up walls to get you if you run.

To hell with that.


The guy should have been wearing…wait for it…Pumas.


Inb4 the victim-blaming that there’s something wrong with big cats, for the reason that most people are idiots.

BTW, who’s this guy? XD


I don’t think you’re using that word right.

Like, is the man the victim? He’s running, but no harm comes to him and nothing suggests that he was killed or anything. Is the cheetah the victim? I mean, probably running through halls is not natural, but maybe it’s a zoo cheetah raised in captivity or something?

I don’t see a victim, I just see a context-free gif of a man running around a corner followed by a cheetah.

Unless you’re privy to some broader story?

I was partially joking. Most of the complaint I read about big cats is based not upon the cats themselves, but rather how they are treated by clueless humans. Yet, the result tends to be that the human is mocked and/or fined, while the non-human animal is destroyed or removed as “a menace”.

This attitude I think is what ruins biodiversity, making it essentially unlawful for other species to live where humans are.

It’s apparently from this guy on Instagram. He owns a bunch of exotic pets. The video was deleted, but that’s the origin.

Ah, I probably missed that 'cuz of victim-blaming being a horrible thing not often used in the context of a joke!

Yeah, killing potentially dangerous animals is definitely not a sustainable approach to biodiversity!

Saddening, fascinating…but ultimately saddening…

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That’s what a lot of people on Reddit are speculating, but… doesn’t look a thing like the guy.

Yeah, clearly playing; reports of cheetahs attacking humans are very, very rare, and all seem to happen when the animal is cornered, never a case of the cat chasing the human down, despite their specialty in speed.
Also, note the fact that this animal is actually wearing a collar.

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Interesting, the tattoo didn’t get morphed.

edit: one more…


Doesn’t look like him, but there are a lot of pics of the man with friends, etc. The jaguar has a collar too, which lends more weight to the theory. The posting date/time of the video is earliest on his Instagram, though the video is now private.

Who knows though.

Apparently Red Bull doesn’t give you wings.