Zoo cheetahs chase balls launched from "cheetahpult"


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/09/13/zoo-cheetahs-exercise-by-chasi.html


It’s still a zoo.


This is wonderful stuff.

Now why won’t my house cats fetch things I throw?


Have you considered building a catapult for them?

So? Zoos are not a priori bad, and in fact are extremely important in attempts to conserve endangered and vulnerable animals like cheetahs and other big cats.


They’re going to be extinct in the wild before long.


“The cheetahs get a treat when they fetch a ball.”

You don’t say!


I’ve had several cats who would play fetch. Not all of them, but a few!


I have not. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.

Huh. Are you sure they were cats?


Undomesticated animals born in captivity typically cannot survive in the wild. Someone must care for them. IMHO this zoo’s particular caretakers seem pretty committed to their charges.


Are antelope difficult to breed for use as food?





That is more of a ballista design than a catapult. A catapult has a spring-loaded throwing arm that revolves on a pivot, where a ballista is like a giant crossbow.

What they really need is a cheetah trebuchet.



Well, it depends. They seem to do well with some things, but are cruel and cynical when it comes to elephants and their cherished captive breeding program.



Feathers? Long bill? Webbed feet? Go quack?


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