Man dressed as escaped white tiger so zookeepers could practice catching him (video)

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Reminds me a bit of the drills they do at Japanese schools for when they have a campus intruder, when they try to subdue him using mancatchers or other similar tools.

Who often gets tasked with the role of playing the intruder? 10 points if you guessed the dispatch English teacher, usually the only foreigner in the school…


Never get out of the boat.

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Zoos in some places regularly do this, having humans dressed up like animals, to be caught - but it always strikes me as… not exactly helpful. The actual animal is going to move with a speed and in areas (i.e. treetops, under cover) inaccessible to humans, so the training seems like it would be actively misleading in some respects.

Not sure I’m ready to go up against a tiger when I only have a quarterstaff. I’m happy to watch someone like Xena Warrior Princess do it, but she’s a professional.

They should have outfitted him with a katana and told him to swing it around to add a little fear to the training. I mean nobody’s afraid of a furry, but a crazy guy with a sword? Darn right I’m gonna take it seriously.


Ah! So, clearly, if the tiger dresses up as a person, it will be able to escape the zoo. :headpoint:

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