Baby monkey plays with ducklings

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So wholesome.


I must be wired wrong.
Videos like this or one or others with cute otters and such playing in people’s living rooms make me sad. Why aren’t the animals growing or playing in their natural habitat but instead in a human created situation? I would suspect that given their own druthers these animals would rather be with their own kind in an environment more suitable to their nature.
The videos just remind me how much habitat we are destroying everyday.
But like I said, I just must be wired wrong.


I don’t think you’re wired wrong. When this was posted on reddit, people raised the fact that none of these animals (but particularly not the monkey) should be without their moms at this age. Maybe we can hope the parental figures are waiting off-camera here, I guess…


It could be an orphan, and being with unrelated monkeys at that age would be risky.


I see your baby monkey and I raise you a puppy.

off topic, but does anyone else have this problem where embedded videos from TikTok or whatever this was always override system defaults and play at 100%, without any graphical buttons to lower the volume?

Just woke up the downstairs neighbors with this video. But the issue is more and more of a hindrance as ever more content comes from newer sources.
Youtube and most of twitter seems to play on firefox using the last volume setting I placed on their own players, and also adhering to what my computer’s sound settings stipulate for firefox, so no issues with that content.
But tiktok and other less old school media always cause a new instance of firefox sound to open and always go to their own defaults of 100%, and lack graphical buttons.

Any other experience or a workaround/fix would be appreciated. I understand that the source media is coded for phones and not laptops but a lot of the time a computer is still more comfortable for interneting.
Anyway …

This could prove to be a turning point in the current icy state of monkey-duck relations.

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