Monkey, dressed in baby clothes, hops in the snow


How adorably disconcerting! Or is it disconcertingly adorable? Either way, awww!

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The monkey doesn’t appear to enjoying the outing.

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“I can’t put my arms down!”

“You can put your arms down when you get to the zoo.”


heh. monkeys are funny!

I see that someone has already made the obligatory Randy from A Christmas Story reference.


No! Don’t lick the fencepost!

the monkey hops like the lunar astronauts did. maybe they used monkeys instead.

this makes me feel sick


Who says the uncanny valley doesn’t exist?


I’m reminded of some mutant little creature in a Richard Matheson novel. So I’m really creeped out right now after watching this.

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I’m not sure if this is cute, or if it’s animal cruelty.


Better than abducting a baby from a maternity ward I guess.

No one should ever “own” a non human primate. They aren’t pets. They aren’t “just a member of the family.”

What? Why not? Assuming a nominal degree of care and respect due any living creature we take responsibility for, what differentiates ‘non-human primates’ from any other animal, human primates included?

Because who own primates as pets treat them as if they are baby humans, and they are not. People may say they love their dog or cat like a child, but they don’t feed them in high-chairs or put them in baby human clothes and make them walk upright in the snow.

Monkeys aren’t baby humans and it’s cruel to treat them that way.

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