Monkey "kidnaps" dog and carries it across rooftops (video)

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It’s weird how the dog doesn’t seem to mind being kidnapped.


Several of my dogs don’t mind being carried. One of mine doesn’t at all like it, and the last one don’t like being carried, but is ok with being lifted onto things (into a car, or onto a lap).

I’ve had multiple dogs request to be carried when they had “too much walk”, or in some cases “too cold now”. As recently as yesterday, although fair enough it was 21ºF out and she is under ten pounds. I put her inside my jacker and let her stick her head out so she could at least smell the outside (she also had her own jacket on, but that wasn’t enough for her). Her sister who is just a few pounds bigger loves the snow though and enjoys “swimming” in it, or at least running on and somewhat under it.


Stockhound syndrome.


I saw this news story a few weeks ago. It’s much worse that they are suggesting. The monkeys are snatching up any dogs they can carry and then dropping them from roofs and high trees. 250 dogs had been killed in the article I read. They believe the monkeys are doing out of revenge after a pack of dogs killed several baby monkeys.


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It would be fascinating to know what dogs think about non-human primates. They presumably recognize a distinction between those and humans; but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if their genetic propensity to suck up to humans for mutual benefit will transfer to a monkey reasonably readily if the monkey doesn’t do anything deliberately provocative.


Interesting theory. I guess I was wondering kind of the same thing.


I think that was actually a separate series of kidnappings/attacks that took place in a different part of India.

I’m hoping that the puppy turns up safe, possibly grown up and offering protection to the monkey that raised it, like Simba in The Lion King.


As much as I am fascinated by them, I am also reminded that they are too much like us to put what’s happening in another city out of the list of options.

It’s a monkey-gang initiation ritual: the young monkey must capture a puppy and strangle it at the initiation ceremony to become a full member. Don’t the Hell’s Satans do the same thing?

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