Monkey gets a nice shave


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Personally I’m not much on shaving, but his fuzzy slippers are awesome.



Treat your monkey like family.


This is possibly the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in days. This is a monkey, not a person. Please stop keeping wild animals as pets, and please stop treating them like people.


Its all fun an games until someone’s face gets bitten off


Thanks for subjecting us to your speciesism.


Or an ingrown hair.




Yes. ‘Exotic’ pets originate in the wild. The pet trade is another destructive pressure that no species needs. Please stop with the ‘how cute’ glorification of wild animal pets.


This is why we can’t have nice things. Thanks BBS.


Why is this OK?


I think what you mean is “This is why we can’t have the illusion that f*cked-up things are nice.” For which I would say thanks should be in order, yes.


Welcome to boing boing. Enjoy your rage sandwich that THIS is the worst thing you’ve seen this week.



Smooth as a monkey’s uncle?


Well, now we know where Richard Spencer got his haircut from.


A Norelco, though. Little dude’s a masochist.


But how can we be SURE it’s not really a small hairy person until we shave it??


I hope he uses a good lotion, otherwise that little monkey is going to have a face like a baboon’s arse.