Monkey gets a nice shave

Well I think all monkeys should shave. Who’s going to hire them all hairy like that? Do they expect to live on government handouts from cradle to grave? Let them pull their itty-bitty weight.


Shaving == glory is a first for me.

They might be a pet/slave, but I haven’t dug any deeper to find out. I don’t believe in the ownership of living things. Grant them citizenship - problem solved.

ETA: Correction - recognize their citizenship. Species bias is pernicious!

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The monkey seems to be fine with it, even enjoying it.
The monkey seems to be more okay with this than the concern trolls.
Poor concern trolls, having to worry and get upset about an adorable monkey video.


That seems kind of cruel to the monkey unless he has some kind of flea or tick infestation in his fur. I am not sure how well that fur grows back or how cold he gets without it.

Lighten up Francis

“Shaving the monkey” sounds kinda dirty, doesn´t it?


Gross, no. Not unless you punish it.

Isn’t he going to get cold?


[Insert joke about Trump supporter here]

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Now how’s it going to get cold wearing that cozy little outfit?


If the monkey lashes out and the owner spanks it on YouTube, do we all go blind from watching the video? And if the monkey gets the hair on its palms shaved, does it grow back thicker?

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“I need to go and shave my monkey” is my new favorite euphemism. Just not sure what for.


Heh, what a loser, caring about things and stuff.

I claim eminent domain on all the living things inside my body, so bacteria is my personal property. I also charge the spiders in my house rent. If I don’t see them killing ants or flies in their webs I give them 30 day notice and evict them.

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The inside/outside distinction of a topology is arbitrary, as are the qualities and boundaries of personhood.


I donno’, I think he looks quite handsome.

Now THAT’s the point of the internet. Nobody’s speed should be throttled, each human should have equal bandwidth to see this video.

Do you really think that it was the shaving, rather than the publication and promotion of the video of the shaving was the glorification that I was referring to? If you have trouble deciding whether a monkey dressed in a onesie and wearing elephant slippers and being shaved is a pet or not, I can’t help you.

Domesticated animals have co-evolved and bred to be compatible with, and dependent in many cases on humans. Wild animals are an entirely different matter, and should be left in the wild, and their habitats protected.

I had to guess what you were referring to. I typically don’t associate putting one’s hygiene online to be “glorification”, either. My guess is that many would typically classify such activities mundane, rather than anything exalted. I would conject even that many would find their bathing, shaving, toothbrushing, etc., less glorious if it was publicized.

It is hardly a matter of “trouble deciding”, because as an observer I am not in any position to decide the relationship of the people shown. Of course you cannot help me, all either of us can do is speculate.

I am sure that this all seems rather clear and practical to you, but what constitutes a “wild” habitat carries a number of prerequisite assumptions which need to be questioned. In the wild, are monkeys and other organisms to live isolated from each other? Who decides and imposes this system? And, if not, how/why is human society supposedly any different? The laws and treaties which describe human society as a separate and special from that of other organisms are all (that I have seen) based upon millennia old religious and philosophical speculation, and anything resembling modern biology and/or ecology is deliberately excluded from contemporary discussions. Probably because taking human chauvinism seriously would necessitate re-thinking and re-organization which runs counter to thousands of years of tradition of billions of humans. And as daunting as that may sound, it is still an inconvenience to a minority species which is dwarfed by the current inconvenience the human status quo foists upon everybody else.

Not only that, but it is arguable that a planetwide society run exclusively by and for humans and their convenience is not and has never been even possible. If it is an ecological impossibility, then any values that ideal may nonetheless have are ultimately irrelevant. If humans don’t/won’t/can’t learn to share their space with other organisms, they (humans) will not survive.

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