Tiny clothed monkey grooms cat


I wonder if his services would also be available for regular flea and tick removal. It seems like it would be a lot healthier than regular doses of Frontline.

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Primate hands were essentially evolved for the benefit of cats.


This may be the cutest thing I have ever seen on the Internet. Shut it down, people; I’m contracting psychological diabetes.


I’m amused by his running commentary on the process. Apparently that’s a common “I’m grooming you” signal… see also

Origin of “kiss, kiss, kiss”?


I’ve always enjoyed their documentaries.


Add a few splashes of tomato sauce to the cat’s neck and you can turn this video into a Halloween theme real quick.

Those little lip-smacks are sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

I’ve started making them, too. And I can’t stop.

smack smack smack

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I went to YouTube to post the original link in a group I belong to on Facebook, Crazy Cat Ladies, and got an error message that the video had been marked by some Facebook users as abusive! Really? I don’t see how. I had no problem posting the link from BB, though; but the accompanying thumbnail doesn’t match the video, LOL! Oh well, can’t win 'em all.

I know, like little “nomnomnomnoms”!

If you have ticks up your nose, however, you’re on your own.


Probably because of the huge list of problems associated with people owning primates as pets. Many of them make terrible pets and die in the care, many are endangered with wild population numbers dwindling partially because of the pet trade, etc, etc. Still a cute video, and I’ll just assume, to make myself feel better, that this is a captive-raised critter who is treated well, whose numbers are doing just fine in the wild.

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I’m thinking mother in law going “Tsk tsk tsk. Why aren’t you taking better care of yourself?”

This video totally got my asmr going!

Misleading headline. That’s actually a regular-sized Ape Man grooming a Snow Leopard.

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I would love to the the companion video of the cat pinning the monkey down and washing his ears.


Yep, lipsmack-smack-smack-smack is totally international simian for “relax and get your fur picked”. It’s a very friendly sound.
Mouth-to-mouth-with-tongue kissing’s usually guessed to be related to food sharing, but kissing everywhere else is probably left-over grooming behavior in humans. Along with stroking and patting and playing with peoples hair.

Cat fur must be stimulus overload for a little monkey like that - lovely thick stuff with lots of tactile feedback :slight_smile:

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and here i thought he just needed a glass of water.

It’s nice to see that monkey finally found it’s way out of Ikea.

What’s ABUSIVE is the bill that damn little simian gave the cat. Unions!