Monkeys floss with stolen human hair


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So “Big Dentistry” has finally gotten to the monkeys?

We’re through the looking glass here, people…


I used to have a cat, Teji, who loved to chew on my dental floss when I used it after eating some BBQ chicken. It was the most hilarious thing.

/ I’m so sorry that I never had the bright idea to videotape her while I was pretending to floss her teeth.


Finally, we shall have peace between the bitter rivals of the evo-psych and dentistry communities.


I hope she never ate any. I had to pull a daisy chain of little cat poops out of my cat’s butt once.

I do love that little “I feel pretty” moment at the end.


Monkeys: Can’t live with’em and you can’t evolve without’em.


I once had to pull curling ribbon out of a cat’s butt… thank goodness it didn’t get tangled up in his intestines…

At least I know the cat was pretty relaxed about it – the ribbon didn’t curl when I pulled it out…

(this is why I love Boing Boing… in what other situation would I be able to share this story?)


I knew a cat that ate a used condom, and the rest is up to your imaginations… what’s with cats anyway? Fish keepers who overfeed know about the “trailing poo” but cats?


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