Not just kittens... Maine Coon kittens


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Yah, Maine Coons are the best. This is making me miss the one I had for many years. They will follow you around and get very attached, more so than other cats. But they will play favorites. And be very aggressive at playtime.


I never ever ever ever ever worry that my 120lb Nazi hating Great Pyr will so much as nip me even when greedily trying to grab a snack away from his best pal, a smaller dog.

Every single god damn I time I pet Heart, and Dillinger had the SAME TRIGGER, I am on edge waiting for the exact moment when he has had enough petting and decides to tear itchy holes in my skin.


This week needed cute a video of kittens!

So adorbs!


What, do they climb inside your skin and merge with you genetically?


Milo tried his best. Had the scratches to prove it.


Love Mainers, even 1/2 breeds because it shows in their temperament – smart, sociable, demonstrative cats without the drama-queen traits of the Siamese.

The longer-legged Norwegian Forest Cat is the same way. If you own two, they don’t get quite as bored after you leave for work.


tho I think he’s checking to see if it is time to eat my corpse

Sigh. Do i have to debunk this again here in the BBS? Cats are too fussy of eaters to bother with a human corpse, beware Fido.

In 24 percent of the cases in the 2015 review, which all involved dogs, less than a day had passed before the partially eaten body was found. What’s more, some of the dogs had access to normal food they hadn’t eaten.


Well, Siamese kind of require skilled owners. My parents used to breed and raise them, I’ve known hundreds. You shouldn’t give one to a dog person, it’s unlikely to work out optimally, give them a nice neutered male ginger tabby instead.

True story: a Siamese cat once cuddled up to me in my bed while I was asleep and gave birth to a large litter of kittens. Although the level of trust and affection was flattering, it was a bit messy and squirmy and very disconcerting to wake up to.


I’ve always wanted a Siamese cat, an aunt of mine had two that were very smart and cuddly. I looked into adopting some from some rescues but that never panned out. I rescued a kitten that my mom found, and he’s super loving so i can’t complain.


Funny, I’ve got a tabby who acts the same way! :smiley_cat:


Yup - Siamese are not a starter cat. As much as I love mine, our Burmese have always been much more sociable and less likely to play favourites. Burmese make a great gateway cat for a dog person. They converted me to a cat person, and then I had to move on to the harder stuff - Siamese, Abyssinian…


Not to mention that whole giant pain in the ass thing…


You had cats you didn’t like?


We had a big boy Maine Coon Persian mix “JazzPurr”. Very smart and almost dog-like in his learning. He would come when I whistled, rollover, fetch, and I taught him to ring a bell hung from the inside of the front door when he wanted to go outside. This became a problem when he figured out how to open the screen door and rattle the outside doorknob in the middle of the night. It sounded like someone trying to burglarize our house.


You could say it was a … cat burglar?



Just leaving this here.


One of my cats is missing his back teeth

and the other’s head is a bit too small to generate enough bite pressure to take out chunks of me.

So I am pretty sure they won’t eat me. Just will just use my corpse as a scratching post.


I have a feral that adopted me who, were he more placid, would be in a coma. I can hang him around my neck and yell, “Kitty go boa!” with no problems other than others wondering what the hell is wrong with me.


That now seems like the best answer! ;~}