Why it is a very bad idea to keep a lynx as a pet


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Mail-order friends is a bad idea from the jump - it doesn’t really matter what species they are.


I dunno, my Byelorussian wife is pretty sweet.


What about bobcats?


You can mail-order a lynx? How is that legal?



Yeah, You do have to be careful on ebay.


I guess they shouldn’t have used a browser that doesn’t display images.

( Edit: So much heart-break at this vid, stupid jokes are about all I’ve got. )


I guess a regular kitty cat wouldn’t do?




2170 Byelorussia?


They’re kind`a sassy…


This is how stupid people get hurt or die. Why must society step in to save them from their own stupidity?


I agreed to stop in and feed a neighbor’s cat while she was away, and she warned me the cat was aggressive. It was like that, except it actually did attack my legs. People heard me and the cat scream in the whole building.


How many bad branches of domesticated cats and dogs were killed outright for bad behavior to keep it out of the gene pool–over the course of several thousand years–to get something that’s a workable companion? Yet – yes – you are going to have success raising a pet Lynx.


…because they make for really dull videos?


I’m more worried about the animal!


Oh you’re completely correct! The poor lynx will be put down because some idiot thinks it might’ve made a good house pet. Put down the owner, and set the lynx free.


Seriously what the fucking fuck? Its a wild predatory animal, not a domestic housecat! I would be wary keeping a feral housecat around. Let alone an animal which hunts beagle sized prey.

As a cat person, I am appalled.


How about a leopard?