Tiger only seems mildly perturbed to have tooth pulled


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Tiger is all dude stop that tooth hurts… oh wait, it quit now thanks.


Thems are just baby teeth he’s pulling.


That movie Red Dragon led me to believe that tiger dentistry involved more anasthetic.


I’ve never seen the movie so if there’s a joke there I won’t be able to get it however I actually just would have assumed that they’d use anasthetic or at least a strong sedative. Maybe they do use a sedative and that is what a sedated but conscious tiger looks like. That tiger is more chill about having a tooth pulled than my cat is about my feeble attempts at brushing his teeth (I gave up btw… he’s a sweet cat… I can even get him to take medicine without a struggle but the minute the teeth are touched I need protective gear to avoid bloodshed and he sulks for days).


Yeah. Trying to brush a cat’s teeth is like trying to . . . well, it’s like trying to brush a cat’s teeth.

(I think we just created a new cat simile!)


Let’s see him try that with a regular cat. He’ll be covered in claw marks for sure.


Yeah, in the movie the serial killer (who is normally such a sweet guy when he’s not butchering families) takes his blind girlfriend on a date to the zoo so she can feel up a tiger while it’s under sedation to get a tooth fixed. They apparently spent a lot of money making a fake tiger for the scene.


It’s a great scene in the book; can’t remember the one in the movie. :slight_smile:


Given the age of the tiger, that was probably a baby tooth that hadn’t come out on its own.


Tiger after dentist.


In the show I guess they spent a lot of money sedating a real tiger.


Yeah, my cat would go from big sweet kitty boy to destroyer of flesh.

Cats have 3 settings:

  1. Sweet and Cuddly
  2. Aloof and Indifferent
  3. F*ck up Your Sh*t

(and crazy cat glitch mode, but that isn’t an official setting)

They can change settings almost instantly.


Just still in beta. The catnip and laser pointer feature toggles are well known, though.


I would guess it’s a milk tooth that was just dangling on a last bit of tissue. It would probably hurt no more than when you pull a child’s loose milk tooth with a bit of string.


Pull my teeth, will you? I know just the tooth to maul you with.

…wait, why isn’t this working?


I didn’t see that episode. I’d have thought they could just pull the movie prop out of storage or something.


Some further searching suggests that you may be right:



Wait until the tiger gets the dental bill. Then he’ll wish he’d killed him.


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