Tiger on the loose in vicinity of Paris




That one twitter pic just looks like a cat…


I (would hope) that is a joke Tweet. Because it is, very obviously, a housecat.


Tiger on the loose in Paris, tiger on the loose in Birmingham, I wonder to myself, “Could life ever be sane again?”


I guess the rock isn’t working anymore.


Luckily the French police are on the case!!


A hunting dog? That’s like me being chased around by snack food.


“Not my circus, not my monke…err…tiger.”
     – EuroDisney


With a short muzzle like that, I agree orange housecat.

Or… Baby tiger? HOLY CRAP THERE ARE TWO BABY TIGERS IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!! (nope, just orange housecats)


That’s what it looks like to me too. But the reports I’ve read say they’ve identified it as a big cat by its tracks (I’d like to see a photo of the tracks, next to a ruler!)


There are a couple more photos a little ways into this (French) news video from the tweet. They look a lot more like a tiger than the one in the tweet.

French News Report on Tiger


Jeeze, first it was an ape loose in on of the Rue street thingies; now a tiger. What gives, Paris?


must be a viral campaign for the circus? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it’s all linked to absinthe?


Wasn’t it Poe that wrote, “Absinthe makes the heart (mind?) founder”? Well, that can’t be write :slight_smile:


Still pretty grainy, but those photos do indeed make it look more like small tiger than overreaction to housecat.


Disney covered this first.


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