Baby reacts with emotional intensity to mom singing song


The Agony and the Ecstasy. Also, when it hurts so good.

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Now there’s a lifelong music-lover. And a lifelong mom-lover.


I think I’m more with the commentors on YouTube–that kid is terrified. Smiles only at the start and end. Tears are a sign that something is wrong in little ones her age. I saw this posted on BB’s Facebook page that it’s “majorly cute”. Please take a closer look, that kid is really confused and frightened.


Why would a woman continue to sing if it makes her baby so unhappy? Well, it’s pretty obvious - she likes to hear herself sing, and cares more about that than about the feelings of her child. It has nothing to do with his being a “music lover” or understanding that it’s a sad song, or picking up on any emotions from her. This poor kid is apparently used to having to be nothing more than an audience when she decides she wants to hear herself sing again, rather than pay attention to the baby. And he obviously is yelled at or punished when he cries out loud, otherwise there’s no way he’d be crying silently - that’s not normal for a baby. You can see the hope in his eyes when she pauses in her singing, hoping that she’s finished. Very sad.

I love it when people who’ve never had kids weigh in with all their haughty, uninformed judgments.

That said, I have to be careful not to let their foolishness work me up to much because, prior to having kids, I was often just the same.


I do hope you’re being satirical.


I look pretty much exactly like that to this day if my mom were to sing “You are my Sunshine”.

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I have kids, and tears at that age are a sign of stress, not the projected feelings of someone who wishes they could feel more complex emotions.


That baby probably just really had to fart and didn’t want to interrupt.


It’s not one of the other. It could be a range of things.

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OMG YES! What is it with this song and Moms!

If the baby were genuinely upset (rather than moved), she’d cry… not just tears, but sobs and probably screams. A wet diaper or lunchtime hunger would get a much louder reaction. When not overcome with emotion, she smiles. She remains quiet to hear every note.

She’s emotional, but not upset. Catharsis isn’t so hyperevolved an emotion that only the emotionally mature can experience it.


I wonder if the mother has some extreme facial expressions as she sings. It seems to me like the baby starts to smile every time she stops singing for a second.

But, eh, babies. Those things can live in caves. It’ll be fine.

I remember my son doing the silent crying thing a couple times as a baby. He was very upset by something, as I recall. However babies differ.


Looks like a cute little old man.

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Opinion 1: this baby is crying tears of appreciation for passion and beauty.
Opinion 2: this baby oscillating between the bliss all babies feel in response to a mother’s smile, and the distress at her loud and piercing singing.
I think it’d be illuminating for us all to adjust our volumes upward, to roughly the real-world volume. Try it! Simply put, this woman is singing extremely loudly (much louder than the loudest setting on my laptop) to a degree that even we, as adults, would find unpleasant.
Baby like mother. Baby no like loud mother.


Hmm you know I think one of the times my son did the silent crying was in a very loud gymnasium.

The people who suggest that the baby might not actually be happy with the singing are told that they are uninformed, judgmental, or satirical. I wonder why the other opinion – that the baby is crying at the sheer beauty of the singing – is considered to be more obvious?

I have a four month old, and, while she loves my singing, she shows this by smiling, not by crying.

I don’t think any real harm is being done to the baby, and maybe it will strengthen his or her music appreciation, but to assume that the baby is loving the singing is projection, no more.


(sniffle) That would have been the sweetest exchange I’ve been privileged to witness between a mother and child, had it not been manipulated for the camera. It’s like howling in front of my little dog, he can’t help but respond in kind. The baby just looked relieved it was over when mom stopped singing and offered calm reassuring words instead.

I think the real danger is the guy cutting onions in front of the baby, off camera.