'Profoundly deaf' baby hears her mom's voice for the first time


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Sometimes living in the future is pretty awesome.


Um. This is a baby, and can probably be described with this phrase multiple times per day.

You know. Baby is served strained peas, gets quite emotional and seems unsure whether to smile or cry. Baby sees a small dog, gets quite emotional and seems unsure whether to smile or cry. Baby befouls diaper, gets quite emotional and seems unsure whether to smile or cry.


I don’t know. Ours seemed to make up their minds one way or the other pretty quickly.

The only time I can remember the kind of extreme ambivalence this baby demonstrates is the first time we sang our <1 year old daughter a round.


Hmm… yeah, I was wondering just how much the baby understands what is going on. I am not sure the baby is truly overcome with the emotion of finally being able to hear his/her mother’s voice for the first time… more likely, the baby is upset that the nice, peaceful world it was living in is suddenly disrupted by strange sounds that her/his brain now need to try and interpret and make sense of…


Just my opinion, but I think this is the face of a kid who’s realizing something utterly profound has changed in her life.


This is a good description of Trump on election night.


Mostly, I think babies are ugly… there, I said it. But this was so adorable, I watched it several times. What a sweetheart.


I was also thinking it is the first time the baby has heard herself in that way, too. She was making sounds - not just her mother.


100% this.

My mother in law is an audiologist who has been in the field since before the invention of cochlear implants, so she sees this kind of thing a lot. The future is amazing. They (currently?) only work for the profoundly deaf if you get them young enough though - brain plasticity/critical period - so it’s important to catch these things early. Luckily they now routinely test hearing at birth, at least in the developed world.


:‘-| goddammit Rusty


All the feels indeed.


Because we need more Piper with her new glasses, too!


I recall seeing this here in BB at some point, super adorable baby.


I got a little dust in my eye. sniff, sniff.


Allergy season eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds entirely plausible. Is it also possible that the baby’s facial expressions were reflecting the mother’s expressions (baby reacting to mommy)? I can the imagine any mother (or father) getting emotional, perhaps ‘weepy’, expressing that, and the baby wondering if all was indeed okay.


Here’s to hoping that this baby and others inherit an awesome world.


Only a meme can handle this…



Ed : All babies are beautiful!

Hi : Yeah, this one’s awful damn good, though.