Baby Terrified by Pineapple




If I were cornered by a pineapple with no means of escaping, I’d be scared too.


BREAKING: Leaked Footage of CIA Torture Techniques


What’s with all the anti-pineapple propaganda today?

Has Big Banana got at BoingBoing?


at the end he was just pretend crying and looked like he actually would have liked to play with it. those babies, you can’t really trust them.


Maybe he was watching Telefrancais.


That’s no pineapple. It’s a space station.


The baby is right to be terrified. Pineapples have sharp spines all over and on the leaves, and the fruit contains enzymes which digest meat. I imagine they are quite dangerous for babies to handle. You see all those pictures of bikers in Queensland covered in leather and Kevlar? That’s not bikers, that’s pineapple pickers.


Notably, while the baby cries at the pineapple and coos over the pear, he just looks at the banana. Just looks at it.


Why not just give him some of the actual fruit to eat…


NONE shall pass!


Not terrified, hungry. Pear? Yes. Banana? Yes. Weird inedible-looking thing that’s all spikes and leaves? Uh-uh.

But asshole Dad keeps taking the decent stuff away. HUNGRY.


Especially if it’s covered with spikes and armored scales.


Gee, Isn’t it cute how the defenseless youth flinches everytime the offscreen adult slams fruit down in front of their face? Dick Cheney approved.


I think both the baby and the dog know something about pineapples that the rest of us don’t.



I don’t recall this part of Brave New World… Is aversion to pineapple a Delta trait?


If ever I’ve seen a “just look at it” face, it’d be this one.

But yeah, the pear looked promising, but mean Uncle Andy won’t stop fuckin’ wit the kid.


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