Baby Yoda has finally jumped the s̶h̶a̶r̶k̶ tank, thanks to the U.S. Army

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The only scenario where I’d like to see Disney go after “fans” for trademark infringement…


Sad and disgusting. I have spoken.


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(Dropped as a baby)


Anything to stop our troops from going around with skulls all over their gear in full-on “are-we-the-baddies” mode.

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Thanks for the link to the comic about militarization of police… very good stuff!

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The military has been putting Disney characters on their war machines for generations.



Well, the franchise is called Star Wars.


Yeah I’m not buying the “Yoda is a pacifist” claim now that the prequels have established he took an active leadership role in a war effort that bred and enslaved human beings for the sole purpose of using them as cannon fodder.


I love it when Imperialism borrows from pop culture. Must be a new recruiting initiative.

Yeah, I feel like these guys really get it.
Nobody blinked when Disneyland opened a demilitarized zone full of space Nazis.
You know, for kids.
Why not take their messaging to it’s logical conclusion?

As a society we should reconsider sending children to fight and die for us.

Actually Disney put Disney characters on WWII equipment (not Walt himself).

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Our tank names back in the '90’s were fairly mundane. The first letter typically indicating which company in the battalion the tank belonged to ( so in Dco you would see names like Dopey, Droopy, Dingbat).

Sometime in the '00’s the culture turned a bit darker and associations with old warrior races (white of course) and crusader imagery crept in. So you started seeing names like Armageddon, Berserker, Destroyer. It wasnt a great time.

I view “Baby Yoda” as a welcome sign of a departure from the warrior cult.


Britain did things differently in the 90s


Both Disney and Warner Bros. made mascots FOR the military.

My grandma once gave me this silk screened print of Donald in a row boat with Pluto dressed as a GI with a Tokyo sign floating in the water. I thought it was just war time ephemera.

Later I noticed a p-156 on the rowboat. This was many years later and I now had the Internet. Did a search, and low and behold, the USS Aultman was AP-156, which was the boat my grandpa was on at one point. He was a career Coastie on a Navy ship. They were bringing equipment from the European theater to the Pacific one.

And because the internet never forgets - a pic I took of it is still out there somewhere…

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M1A2 tank barrels are important disseminators of popular culture.

Its only by the efforts of these attuned American tankers that I learned about the “Cash Me Ouside” meme.


I think the only “infringement actions” will be by the initial M1A2 tanker crew going after a subsequent M1A2 tank crew when that second crew tries to make use of Baby Yoda.

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