Baby you can drive Ringo's car: Starr's Mini Cooper up for auction

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Even with a hatch, I find it hard to believe a full drum kit would fit.

I hope it’s not as crappy ad the 2007S I was so happy to get rid of last year!

A standard drum kit, bass, 2 toms, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, and stool doesn’t take up much room and the smaller drums can be stacked inside the larger if you really want to be compact.


If I was rich - I’d like to drive Ringo’s car!


Unfortunately, this car was owned by the other Ringo Starr, the periodontist.


Deal with it.

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You obviously were never in a band. You would be astonished at what all you can fit into VW bugs, say :slight_smile:


Friends of mine, a band of five, did their first tour in a Toyota Corolla (five doors). Ok, they didn’t bring the full drumset, but five people, two guitars, one bass, the drummer’s cymbals and sticks … and their personal luggage … in a sedan…

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