Fellow plays a tiny drum kit


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That’s a hell of a step up from plastic buckets, from a busker point-of-view.


If you think this is great, wait until it breaks, and he plays his tiny violin.


ba-dum, tsssch


Even the natural reverb of a concrete hallway can’t make it sound huge.


Oooh. I know someone this would be perfect for!

Does it come in orange?


The beads substituting for a snare were an interesting choice.


The first number he played sounded like Stewart Copeland-type stuff.




I thought so too. A real “Regatta De Blanc” vibe.

The guy is a puppeteer-drummer, whose puppet you can see below playing Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” on soup cans.

This new kit is definitely a step up.


Kitten wears a tiny hat:


Reminds me of the first two minutes of this. Ordinary drums, but they sound tiny.


The full-sized pedals+linkages kind of ruined it for me.


Okay, big-drum chaser for the the tiny-drum haters:


Psh. Mine is bigger.

cries self to sleep


That guy has really small hands.


Thanks for the post - it reminded me to check out some of the Kodo drummers vids on YouTube.
Saw them at this years Earth Celebration, in their own ‘village hall’ - 11 guys & 1 girl having an absolute blast, they just can’t stop smiling while they play:

(photos during the performance not allowed, plus I was too busy watching). It was a joint concert with a Vietnamese troupe called Bac Ha, and the last 20 minutes was all of them together on stage - simply amazing.

Also took a Taiko lesson from one of their master players, he’s come up with a combination of Taiko and exercise called ‘Exadon’:

An absolute blast! And yes, I’m the sweaty English dude on the right in case anyone is wondering. Highly recommended if anyone gets to go, and Sado Island is beautiful.


Wow. YouTube kept recommending his videos. Here’s an amazing one of his puppet “Chopsy” playing “Overture/Temples of Syrinx” from 2112:

And here’s another one of his newly-built drumkit, with him playing “Limelight” without the puppet:

I am now a big, big fan. If nothing else, he’s about the most precise drummer I’ve ever seen.


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