Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that feels just like the real thing

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That looks like a drumstick Juul holster.

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If you’re not actually hitting anything with your sticks I don’t see how you can bounce the stick to do even basic rudiments.

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I agree but I actually think this is interesting tech, especially for the Boing Boing shop. It’s by no means a way to learn percussion but with the MIDI capability it certainly is a novel and potentially powerful input controller.

Freedrum is a virtual drum kit

I think you misheard that, it’s actually

Freedrum’s just another word for nothing left to lose


They make a good point. All you really need is a pair of sticks, and something to hit. Even a pillow works for getting the right rhythm.

16-17 years ago I made electronic drums out of practice pads and piezo discs, something like what they described here:

But I’m no drummer (now nor then) and the whole setup sits in the basement. If/when I have time to woodshed it’s on the piano or the sax.

To build chops, a lot of drummers train on pillows specifically b/c there’s no bounce. Also, you can drum w/ your hands all night and day, so really not that big a deal to not have the bounce available. Yes…it will have some impact, but not enough to keep you from JAMMIN!

how’s the latency? terrible?

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