Senstroke can make you a 21st century drummer — with no drums

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I don’t get, in the video the music doesn’t even match with the drummer playing, WTF?


listening to a real performance would be helpful to achieve a true communication about this product.
I see a video with people hitting pillows with sticks, an activity that doesn’t deserves almost 200$ to be practiced.

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You would think so, but apparently the company thought a random wailing track with generic drum sounds would be a better showcase for their product.

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Interesting device that might help with practicing patterns, but it’s not going to replace the physicality of the drumkit–the way the sticks or brushes interact with the drumheads and cymbals, for example. I’m not a real drummer, but I’ve kept time on a snare often enough to recognize that (as with guitar), the interaction of hands with the actual instrument(s) is a crucial part of making the sound you want.


I saw this in action at NAMM in January this year. I was walking by the booth and a random person was trying it out, banging away at it and generally just making noise. Being that I’m not a drummer, I proceeded to walk right by. But something in my subconscious brain wasn’t clicking which made me turn around and look again. It wasn’t until then I realized that there were no actual drums. Just a guy sitting on a drum throne basically playing air drums.

It was definitely trippy, and at first glance a seemingly cool technology. In practice though it seemed to have a not-insignificant timing lag, and questionable accuracy for triggering the sounds. Though in fairness, that could have just been the person using it at the time not understanding the physics behind it enough to use it efficiently too.

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Let’s experience a faulty simulacrum of reality, and enrich VCs and computer nerds, while depriving real instrument makers of a living.

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We took one of the oldest instruments in human history and made it require electricity.

… probably, generally speaking bluetooth doesn’t have the timing guarantees that percussion requires.

doubtful, but best of luck to them

Weren’t Seymour Cray, Bill Hewlett, David Packard and Robert Moog real instrument makers?

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