The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smartwatch that helps musicians keep their rhythm

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A metronome is literally around $20 and comes in both digital and analog forms.

You’re charging people $60 more than that, and you’re claiming you SHOULD be charging them $80 more than that. What a scam.

Also, real musicians have always used Click track - Wikipedia and its almost free.

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Read this as Sodbrennen first…

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I think in principal this is actually a pretty good idea especially if it can handle ‘swing’ and tempo maps. I’ve seen footage of African lead drummers teaching kids by playing the rhythms on their backs, the rhythm is literally feel, so to have a tool that bypasses the audio/brain latency would at least be good for practicing “sitting in the pocket”.

Having said that I’m not sure if this would be a help or a hindrance when it comes to learning ‘feel’ i.e. staying on top of, behind or ahead of the beat.

Google have built a usable metronome widget as their first “metronome” search result.

Wooden one preciseli machined in Germay may cost more, but a digital metromome costs way less…

Our Band doesn’t have a drummer, Oh what a bummer.

Where it will go in the little drawer next to the heart rate monitor, while I continue to use the metronome app on my ipad.

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For practice, plenty of ‘real musicians’ use metronomes. A click track is mainly useful for recording.


Also wearable technology is not in its infancy. We have had wristwatches, spectacles, handbags and shoes for quite some time now.

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Y’all are thinking this thing keeps a beat or something. Naw, its just a device to give your drummer a little jolt in the event they DON’T keep the beat. I mean who hasn’t wanted to tase their drummer from time to time?

Is there some reason why this isn’t just apple watch/wear os app? Don’t all smart watches vibrate?

I can image a utility for this when you have musicians that are playing at different rates against each other or something like that but I’m not really convinced it does any better than the click track in an earpiece or standard vibration on a regular watch. 7 times the vibration seems like it would mess up your playing.

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