Baby's floating device fails, little girl rescues him

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And the good parenting award goes to…


I think this was a security cam, the zooming took place in post processing.


The camera’s shaky and the girl reacts with her back turned so my guess is the person filming warned her since they were too far to react right away–and maybe mentally stuck in filming/phone mode. No audio so who can say?


It’s a security cam on a post, or somebody in an overlooking high position, but that very much looks like an optical zoom to me. Not post-processing.

That’s my impression - someone got the little girl’s attention, she looks up to them, they alert her to the problem and she reacts.

That over-engineered floaty contraption is rather alarming. I cannot imagine why the parent thought it a good idea.

edited to add: after rewatching, my guess is that the kid was wearing it upside down.

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If we’re going to trade videos of parents letting their kids do stupid things near water, I like the sea lion video from a couple weeks ago.

I’m pretty sure it was two separate flotation devices, an inner tube with leg holes and a life vest, they both just happen to be cheap inflatable pool stuff blue, but if you look closely they aren’t the same shade.

i’ve seen this deadly combo many times.

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