Babysitter vetting and voice-analysis: Have we reached peak AI snakeoil?


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Coincidentally, I found this collection of Awful AI the other day. Submit your pull requests…

Awful AI is a curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness to its misuses in society


Any place we can test out AC Global Risk? I would love to do a bunch of accents and see the results on which of my characters are probable criminals.


5o be fair you can probably guess…


Have we reached peak AI snakeoil?

Not even close. Sometime after local hard disks are banned for being “dangerous,” and input methods are strictly limited for the same reasoning, then we can safely assume that the BS is gonna get seriously, majorly, big time thick.


There’s people out there who either have mental illness or are just born evil.”

oh the cringe!
Also, born evil? fuck you right into next tuesday

Edit: And people (Pl.) paired with illness (Sin.) is also pretty messy.


Isn’t the rule of thumb that most headlines ending in a question can be answered with “no”?

Anyway, no, I can’t imagine we’re anywhere but at the beginning of awful AI snake oil. I reckon it’s going to run and run.

And what can save us? Blockchain of course! Blockchain fixes everything.


Start on its executives.


The first rule of questions in headline is: no questions in headlines.

The second rule of questions in headlines is: if someone broke rule 1: the answer is “No” with a 4:1 ratio.

The third rule of questions in headlines is: this does not apply for scholarly articles, where the ratio is 4:1 for “maybe, but we need more research” to be the correct answer.





evidently not BoingBoing, re: please see my comment in the previous thread regarding the Canadian clairvoyant.


It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember Waterseer, where no one did the math on the claims?


Peak AI snake oil?

Oh no no no, dear, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until McKinsey figures out how to monetize AI-powered BI or Gwyneth Paltrow dreams up an AI-connected galvanic response buttplug that measures how badly your chi is out of balance.


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