Back to the Future Delorean dashboard phone-case


Obviously someone has to make this functional… not actual time travel but at least let the numbers change. Perhaps with bluetooth to the phone combined with this.

Just need a circuit board, LEDs, Arduino, programming, technobabble, maker jargon… Would be too difficult for me to make, I am still working in LED throwies.

“fits most recent smart phones”

Didn’t realize that meant just iPhone and Galaxy.

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I think the Jolla phone has I2C available for the replaceable backs. That should make both the power and the control signals available for this.

Other phones almost certainly have I2C bus somewhere on the board, but finding those may be nontrivial unless schematics are leaked (and they often are, usually for the phones you don’t have) or there are known-pinout chips on the board.

Also, this would be a nice add-on to TARDIS.

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You hook your phone up with one of these and see what happens when you hit 88.

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OT, but a neat project:
TOHKBD — The Other Half Keyboard for your Jolla by Dirk — Kickstarter
They are using the interface to make a slide-out keyboard for the Jolla phone.

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Can they make it as a folio case? With strategic holes on the front? And an app to display all the numbers? Let you enter new dates and make all sorts of time machine sounds.

'Cause that would be awesome!

But, it does. That’s math for ya’.

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