LEGO Delorean Time Machine


I’ve been meaning to get this one for ages. I have their Bullitt Mustang on my desk at work. They have a lot of nice other stuff.

I am hoping the electric deLorean actually happens.

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I was really lucky and my wife snagged me one during Amazon’s Black Friday sale. Meanwhile, check out Aaron on G+. He has a real one (well, I’m not sure about the time travel bit).

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It couldn’t have been ages; this LEGO Cuusoo project only got approved back in March of this year and produced sometime over the summer (I don’t recall the exact release date). Maybe it felt like ages? =]

Go ahead and get the set, tho, I’m all for the fan-designed sets. I bought the Hayabusa satellite and can tell you that the quality, assembly, etc was all top notch.

ZOMG! And it comes with a Lego Doc Brown… my joy is complete.

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Yes, it was ages. (It’s a time-travel thing.)

Entertaining quirk with that set, the text below the flux capacitor reads “SHEILD EYES FROM LIGHT.”

You can contact lego to get the brick replaced with the correct spelling… but lots of people online have had issues with being sent a second misprinted brick.

“I […] think Doc Brown is one of the greatest movie characters of all time” Would love to hear what you think of Rick & Morty Show

Thanks for the link, just watched it.
Interesting idea, good concept, quite some potential.
But: if this keeps being just a mixture of ideas lifted from Back to the Future, Men In Black, Family Guy and so on (and in a pretty random fashion at that) it will be boring and repetetive by show number three or four.
Needs original ideas and good editing.
Right now it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like something made on the premise of “let’s invent the next cult thing by recycling existing cult things” instead of “let’s make something that works and is fun”.
So, all in all mixed feelings, but still hoping. This could be great.

$27 on amazon US, £50 on amazon UK. Heavy.

£35 at the lego shop - still high, but less bad. I often find amazon uk is significantly more expensive than the lego shop.

¥5600 in Japan and as far as I can tell that is gray market.

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