Back to the Future Flux Capicitor car USB charger

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Might attract the bomb squad in certain locales…


I’m installing one on my motorcycle.

Actually the back of my helmet would be a hoot too!

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Sorry, the Cubs will not be going to the World Series. On the bright side now we don’t have to dress up like this.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if your cord couldn’t reach the plug…


Got one of these about a year ago. Yes, you can turn off the constant “jigawatt flow” lights, but they still activate for a few seconds when you start up your car. And it’s REALLY bright at night. But cool nonetheless. Just be prepared for really tired jokes from Jiffylube and your tire service guys.

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Of course we don’t have to. But some of us still DO . . .


god, judging by the trailers, we were all such dorks back then.

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I wonder, is still up?

Thinking back on it, this is one of those movies that I never saw a trailer of before seeing the movie.
Others being Star Wars (original), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Logan’s Run, and a double-feature of Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and E.T., a sneak preview which we were allowed to stay and watch because it was being put through a test run six months before regular release.

Talk about being a dork, try and imagine explaining this awesome movie (E.T.) to all your 12-year old friends six months before the release…

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