Ejector seat button for your car, just $14


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Kind of fills that circle. Not sure about the serifs, either.


Do cars still come with cigarette lighters?

And yeah, the font kind of spoils it. Another place where attention to details makes a difference between cool and enh. (Yeah, I know, nitpicky!)


Not typically. They have the 12V receptacles for USB chargers and such but actual lighters (and ashtrays, too) are typically optional accessories.

Some cars with cigarette lighter receptacles these days don’t even carry enough current to work with one of those coil lighters.


And putting a high resistance accessory there could do bad things to your electrical system


If someone tries to smoke in my car, they’ll trigger my ejecting them from their seat.


brilliant. i’m surprised someone didn’t come up with this decades ago!


I see it as a missed opportunity. Why could they not use the 12v for light and sound effects of some sort?


Better yet, when they ask to smoke, just gesture at the lighter, let them eject themselves.


I’m so focused on Trump right now that I thought the button read “IMPEACH.”


Do they have country-sized models?


Do they make one for the political news cycle?


My wife’s VW jetta came with a cigarette lighter. I removed it to make space for USB devices, but that was a bad idea because the socket is vertically mounted inside a cavity in the console beside the ash tray. We keep coins in the ash tray and at one point a coin dropped into the socket and blew something which drives both power sockets in the car.

So I removed, metered and returned each fuse in the system. No luck. Had to take the car to the dealer for an expensive repair. So now I leave a low profile USB power device in there full time.


Impeach is such a slow process, at this point “eject” may be the quick solution we need. Just install a special chair in the White house and show Trump a button labeled “MAGA”.


This is a great idea. Especially if the sound effects were to make it sound as if it malfunctioned, which would explain why the passenger still remains after pressing it.


That sounds like a design fail.


It does close a circuit though. You could probably use it to trigger fireworks under the passenger seat without too much trouble.


Make sure to point it out to an unsuspecting passenger and say seriously, “Don’t touch the red button!”


“Ejection malfunction. Your passenger is overweight. Please try again later.”


We have gone through a few usb adapters for those sockets. One of them blew a fuse which turned out to be in an unexpected place, and required some dash removal. I ended up replacing the whole circuit with one that carries a higher amperage on larger wires.