Get two of these weatherproof plasma lighters for just $34.99


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Better still, give up smoking and live.


who around here would be lighting tobacco with these?


So now, instead of losing my $1.69 lighter…


Oh, well played you clever AI. You manage to imply that other lighters aren’t allowed on planes without actually saying so, because you can actually take a regular lighter as a carry on.

However, while regular lighters are explicitly allowed, I haven’t found the same for electric lighters. Does anyone have a link to the TSA or FAA that explicitly says electric lighters are allowed?




Some people will do anything to get out of opening a safe…


I’m guess these wouldn’t work with pipes, though, because with this lighter, you put the object into the flame as opposed to the flame into the object. Am I wrong?


You are correct. These are only for things you can stick between the electrodes. Some people find them too small even to comfortably fit a cigarette into, making for a futzier light than a regular lighter. And while you can light a thin candle with one, the way the cap flips out means you can’t easily re-light fat candles with a recess.

But, they are wind proof, but only so long as the thing you are lighting is, too.


It’s for lighting the 'Man

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