Windproof & TSA-Approved: Get the Plazmatic X Lighter for 28% off

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Can it be used as a stun gun?

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TSA approved until some doofus operative decides otherwise.


So that looks really cool, but please don’t light good cigars with them. Cigars should be toasted, not disintegrated.

100 sparks on a charge? How does that translate to seconds illuminated?

Based on the youtube vids, it seems like an inconvenience for anything other than cigs to fit the material to be lit between those two small posts.

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Talk to me when you have a waterproof lighter. You know, right before the cephalopod uprising.

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Try a suitably enclosed laser one.

I’d however suggest to add some optics to decollimate the beam and then focus it into a small spot, to make it relatively eye-safe.


Plazmatic? I prefer The Plasmatics!


You don’t want to buy something only to throw it away or lose it and barely care. You like nice things and want to hang onto them.

What a strange way to write ad copy. Is BoingBoing telling me what I like… or what I should like? I imagine these words in a creepy hypnotic voice.

This looks like just about the least suitable lighter imaginable for shrinking heat-shrink tubing.

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900 degrees? Hope you’re not using it for weed. That’s incineration territory.

I thought the TSA does not certify allowed devices? This is at least what I remember fro the last discussion here.

I was particularly touched by, “you’re about to look like a grown up when you light up”, brought a tear to the eye it did! After all these years I can finally rest easy on that count…

I have v1 ( one plasma stream ) .
Turning it over with to top opened and looking at the USB connection on the bottom I inadvertently hit the he ignition button.
Bedsides screaming like a little boy, it branded my finger with two electrode burn marks.

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