Plazmatic Flameless Lighter: Who needs a light, when you've got a beam


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“Heat beam”? What could that be? Infra-red? Laser? Particle beam?

I’ve seen this lighter advertised elsewhere, and there’s never more information than this. How does this thing work?


looks like an electric arc

– eta: does the embedded iframe work?

eta 2: nope, does not.


Yep, electric arc. Which is plasma, because it’s superheated atmosphere you’re seeing between the 'trodes.


I’m not a smoker but I use a disposable lighter a lot. Particularly for melting cut ends of nylon rope and paracord. That can be difficult to do on a boat in windy conditions. Would this lighter work for that type of application?


Prolly. Isn’t plasma, like, 20,000F?


Seems that spark gap produces non-negligible amounts of O3.


It couldn’t be producing THAT much ozone, could it?


Reviewers say it’s enough to smell. Probably not enough to do any harm though.


If it’s producing a amount that you could smell that would make me nervous, but then again I am a nervous nelly. For now I’ll stick to lighting my completely legal Oregon weed with my high powered lazr gun.

Seems BB already covered something akin to that though, and it looks quite a bit more convenient, take a peak. Why light up with plasma when you can light up with laser?


Wendy O. Williams died for this?


But does it tell time?



Use as a stun gun Tazer too?


Can’t seem to get to any part of the store where I could actually, like buy this. Not sure if it’s the store, or Firefox.


Sssshhh!! Don’t tell them


What about a power source for a microwelder? If an argon atmosphere is added, could it be used for 3d printing from steel wires?


Amateurs. I use concentrated radiation from a thermonuclear reaction.


Cute. But doesn’t work at night. Unless you blast a nuke within a line of sight, close enough to use the fireball radiation. (Or light up and boilover a large oil tank. Or create large, incandescent, intensely heat-radiating surface in any other way.)

What about using a little piece of plutonium-238 to heat up an igniter plate? A 10 gram piece will make almost 6 watts of power. With thermal insulation it could build up the heat to red hot easily, and then ignition of the cigarette is not a problem.

…now, how to make industrially useful amounts of Pu-238 in a user-friendly way?


This is a thing that has been done.