No gas, no liquid, all heat: these plasma lighters are like having a lightsaber in your pocket

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Are these Electro-Boom certified sufficiently dangerous?


But if you cross the streams, all life as you know it will stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body will explode at the speed of light - not really an improvement, if you ask me.


I like the Power Practical plasma lighters:

It does tend to drive my dog a bit crazy, however.

It seems kinda awesome,
…which immediately makes me skeptical.

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What is a “cigarette”?

Old story - New technology comes too late.

Sad. :frowning:

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Carry On Bags: No
Checked Bags: No


I own a Saberlight pictured first in this article. It honestly kinda sucks. The plasma is diffuse and not terribly hot so it takes a rather long time to light a birthday candle. 5-10 seconds or so. Compared to the 2 seconds it takes a butane lighter to do the same job. The flip up lid also gets in the way of using it for things other than birthday candles and I guess cigarettes. It also makes a horrible high pitched screeching sound when you’re using it.

It does look cool though. Like you’re lighting the birthday candles with the world’s tiniest lightsaber.


Unfortunately, these plasma lighters also produce ozone, which is significantly more toxic than butane, and tastes nasty. I got one of these to light my pipe, and I can’t use it.


SaberLight plasma lighters are windproof, splashproof and since they don’t contain any fuel, and are completely airport-safe as well.
USB rechargeable and built to last a lifetime, …

Way too much sales pitch in this article and not enough objective commentary. Lithium batteries a) cannot ‘last a lifetime’ and b) are NOT completely airport-safe. Yeah a plasma flame is neat and showy so these lighters are unique but there’s still reality to take into consideration. We just can’t make light nor heat by magic the way this article is implying. at some point some kind of energy source will be involved.

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