This USB powered lighter is a good replacement for matches

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does it work for lighting bong loads?


Sounds like a great way to make scorch marks on my computer desk!


It’s an arc lighter. It’s not a great choice for trying to light a bowl.

But excellent for cigarettes and bits of paper.

I had one when I was still smoking cigarettes. The really big downsides were: it emits an extremely loud high pitched screech when you turn it on, and if the humidity is too high or there’s a lot of wind, the arc gets weaker.

Aside from that, it contributes a bit of a metallic taste to you cigs from the ozone. Some people like it, some don’t.

Also there’s no waterproofing at all, so if it gets wet you’re fucked.


This is fundamentally a miniature taser, no?


Stungun. But those are designed specifically to minimize burnt flesh. This thing is for setting stuff on fire.


If you like ozone, the presto “Hot Dogger” from the 1970’s also imparted an ozone flavor to the final product as well. It basically cooks hot dogs by running electrical current straight through them.


thanks, i was almost about to buy one, but firing up bowls is the only use i have for lighters these days.


Just use a Bic. It’s like the mouse trap. If it were possible to invent a better one, they would have by now.


It works by making a small electric arc across two electrodes. It makes a barely perceptible hissing sound, but one of my cats can hear it from across the room

This isn’t true actually, perhaps older people might not pick up the frequency of the high pitch quite as well but i’m just guessing. But i have one of these and i can very clearly hear the high pitch sound, it’s super obnoxious but personally speaking its not so bad that i would avoid using it. However my roommate cannot stand it and i’m banned from using it while they’re in the apartment, so we’ve been using one of those butane wand lighter things.


Great for lighting candles and firework fuses, terrible for lighting incense or anything else thick or just too big to fit in between the electrodes.


yep. that’s what i already do. i was intrigued by the idea if something reusable that ran on electricity. those butane torch lighters are cool, maybe i’ll get one of those and relive the late 90s.

As long as you can get some minimal contact with the surface it should be enough to create a hot spot but might take longer to get ignition. But an alternative would be to set something else on fire and then use that to light the main thing you want on fire.

And i’ve seen this thing arc through thick plastic so i honestly don’t see how incense would be harder. Just get the arc to light the very end of it and it should easily catch fire.


Have you ever tried using hempwick? It’s a little awkward at first, but so is smoking anything for the first time. The idea is that you avoid butane fumes and the wick burns at a lower, more ideal temperature that’s easier to control over the bowl.
I’ll light mine with a Bic, but I imagine an arc lighter would do the job as well.


The perfect lighter already exists!
A B C D E F Jii Jii Jii!

Now let me take of my pants and relax in this USB port.

Wow. It’s like if Mister Sparkle was a lighter.

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I want to see video evidence of this being used to light a BBQ.
I don’t think I want my fingers less than 2" from the propane burners, or even briquettes doused with lighter fluid.

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The flavor of smoke when using a hemp wick is so much better as well. Where do you get yours?

Would you like a pickle to go with your hot dog?


Got my last spool online from a company called Humboldt. No complaints but I’ll entertain suggestions for other brands. About due for another order.

A friend of mine turned me on to the concept a couple years ago. Been trying to preach the gospel to others I know but they’re just stuck in their ways I guess. Not using it feels weird to me now.

I cut a few hand-lengths off at a time, pinch an end with a binder clip and wrap the rest around its handles. Someday maybe I’ll acquire an arc lighter, but I already have a heap of orphaned Bics so no hurry!