USB rechargeable electric lighter on sale

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I’m partial to stick matches, it’s an old school thing.

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These things are garbage. Haven’t found a viable use for them other than lighting cigarettes or candles - and I don’t smoke!

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Kickin it old school

Ideal use case is lighting cigarettes, paper, candles, and stovetops.

Downsides: need to recharge fairly often, and they emit an ear splitting screech. Likely they also output RF in an uncontrolled way.

Stovetops or gas burners I can see, maybe. Paper? It barely works for that and good luck doing it in any kind of windy situation like building a campfire. Might as well just use flint and steel. It can work in a pinch but takes far more effort than a single strike-anywhere match.

Funnily enough it was on sale on 22nd May, too

i have one of these for lighting the fire pit in the back yard. i will say it’s light years better than those damn stick lighters, especially in the wind.

Is that something like a usb-charged taser?

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