Discover why this inverted lighter raised over $300K on Kickstarter

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Or go with these, $12 for two-pack. No doubt you can find lots cheaper…


I came here to mention the $2 BBQ lighters at the dollarama…


So did I, and also usb-chargeable arc lighters like this

Long-necked lighters like these are much better suited to lighting gas BBQs than the inverted lighter shown.


Interesting they’re branching out. My friend bought me one for my birthday a few months back. I wasn’t familiar with it and was like thanks for the lighter. He then looked at me exasperated and was like it’s a lighter that can be held on it’s side when lighting… “other things”, get it?

It’s an all right lighter and its refillable I’ve used it as my friend suggested when smoking “green herbs” from “Turkish Water Bubblers” and it’s perfectly functional, but a BIC will last me around a year, but if you have friends who all use BICs for lighters they’ll be less likely to pocket this thing sooooo silver lining? My grandfather had an old specialized Zippo looking thing for lighting his tobacco pipe I guess this is kinda like that, but with less fumes from the zippo’s fuel.


The Beattie Jet Lighter seems to have already addressed this problem.


you can turn candles upside-down… this is for weed.

Right? People are saying this new thing is for weed, but like, this thing would work for weed too, yeah? I don’t smoke, is there something I’m missing? Are potheads clamoring for this $40 invention?

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I don’t smoke either, but I have some experience going all pyromaniac with a plasma arc lighter. I suspect they wouldn’t work well for weed, because the arc is too concentrated in a very small space. The long flexible butane lighters look ideal, though.

In the “don’t you hate when thie happens!” video, the “problem” is depicted as a candle in a deep glass that is hard to reach, but when they demo their stupid “upside-down” lighter, they don’t even use the same candle, but one in a shallow holder. This is a new era of marketing “the story” for products that are otherwise too stupid and useless to sell themselves on their merits.

Also, long “fireplace” matchsticks.

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