This USB rechargeable electric-arc lighter is on sale today

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It’s much better than butane firestarters for lighting candles or starting barbecues because it has a built-in USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

That’s either a nonsequitor or assuming facts not otherwise presented. “It’s better than butane because it’s not butane.”

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Arc lighters are fine, but their optimal use case is lighting cigarettes.

I used one for a while and it lights cigarettes very reliably especially in high wind. But I really disliked the extremely loud high frequency screech the thing makes.

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But the plasma is at a lower temperature than the flame of a butane lighter. This makes it difficult to light a waxy wick on a candle. You often have to hold the thing on the wick for several seconds before it will take, where a butane lighter will have it going in just a second or two. This is an important consideration when lighting birthday candles that are only designed to burn for a minute or two. You can’t spend 5 minutes getting them all lit when the early ones are already half melted and globbing wax all over the cake.

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Fair point, but as to the birthday candle example, you just have to light one and can use its flame to light the rest.

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Yeah, this is typically what we do, but with a butane lighter it isn’t necessary.

For another example we use a gelled lighter fluid for the pellet stove in the winter, and our electric lighter is simply not capable of igniting it. We always have to use butane to get it started.

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I’ve found these things all but useless for starting campfires.

A simple box of strike anywhere matches is preferred.


candles dramatically reduce indoor air quality and represent a significant fire hazard.

And they’re pretty and elevate my mood significantly at times. So it’s a tradeoff. Can’t just focus on the negatives. Oxygen’ll kill ya!

I have one of these and its great. The downside is that using it makes a high pitched sound that’s lowkey annoying, not really a big deal for me but my cat hates it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I particularly hate it. Triggers my tinnitus immediately.

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I can see that, it is very annoying for sure. It’s something i can ignore but don’t like, the only reason i don’t use lighters is because i dislike having to rebuy them. The arc lighter is rechargeable and the charge on it lasts an incredibly long time.


You don’t HAVE to rebuy them.

Refillable lighters and lighter fuel to refill them with are the equivalent of a rechargeable electric lighter and a USB lead to recharge it with.

(Or if you prefer: rechargeable lighters and lighter fuel to recharge them with are the equivalent of a refillable electric lighter and a USB lead to refill it with.)

Yeah - lighter fuel does not come out of a hole in your wall, I’ll grant you that. :wink:

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My go-to campfire starter:


Clearly we need candles with arc lights on the top.

Yeah but that does into the having to buy a thing i’m trying to avoid. For some i know its not a big deal but i’m lazy and broke lol

It might until the power goes out, or you’re 10 miles away from a power supply…Stupid, mindless plug for a commission link

Are you disappointed in BB?

One time I was moving boxes of stuff with my car and one box had one of those green bottles in it. It tipped over and started to leak gas while I was driving. That was a different type of high.

Everything… got… really… slow…

The air felt like water. You could feel its weight bearing down on you. And moving through it took effort.

So slow it was hard to comprehend and process that things were not ok.

Finally pulled over and and as I got out my head cleared (over 5-10 minutes) and I has so thankful I didn’t hurt anyone.

I remember a story about some kids huffing propane from garbage bags while sitting in a living room. One of the kids lit a cigarette and the room burst into flames. They survived with massive burns. They described being on fire but not comprehending the situation. I’m not sure if that story is true or myth but after my brief exposure I sure can believe it being possible.

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So do farts, your point is?