Get this TSA-approved flameless lighter for 40% off in the Boing Boing Store

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Totally Orwellian

A lighter that the government approves for you to own.


What good is something that is so bad the TSA likes it? At least with the airport “nudie scanner” I can put on a show.

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We have to thank the smokers for being allowed at least this.

If not so common, I wouldn’t be surprised if those portable arsonist tools would be banned even outside the airports, or at least difficult to buy.

Lighters have been allowed on domestic flights for years now, I thought.

ed: Yep - allowed to carry on, but not in checked

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But what if you smoke a pipe?

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These flameless usb electric lighters are on foreign online store sites for around $2. You get what you pay for, ymmv etc.

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