Front seat and backseat charging with this USB charger


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Excellent idea. But it would work best the other way round for me. The usb sockets out of the way in the back seat and the extra unit discrete in the front of the cabin. Whichever way round it looks like the idea that solves a small problem.


Looks like this is the direct from China knockoff for $16.


A steal… until your car burns down after you forgot to unplug it overnight.


This could help avoid the human tragedy that is children having to look up from their phones and out of the window. The horror that results should they have to actually engage in conversation might also be avoided.


Uhh, this seems somewhat expensive for what it is. Also, if your “extended cable” breaks, your charger is toast.

An alternative would be to buy one of the many readily available multi-port car chargers and use a USB extension cable. Better charger, you can choose the length of the extension, and if the extension breaks, you toss it away and get another one.


Front seat and backseat charging

I feel kind of bad that even with a phrase as innocuous as this, it’s the sexual connotations that I notice first


A steal… until your car burns down after you forgot to unplug it overnight.

If your car continues powering your cigarette lighter plugs when it’s turned off (mine does not).


I find it’s cheaper just to yell at the kids. God help me, you two, I will come back there! Don’t test me!


Don’t forget to turn on Cruise Control. You shouldn’t lose valuable driving time just because the kids are acting up.


That’s it! I’m going back there! I am! Don’t try to stop me! Hold the wheel, Honey!


Chargin’ in the front seat
Chargin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?


Ah yes, the conversation:

“How many miles now?”

“How many more turns?”

“Are we there yet?”

“How many miles now?”

“How many more turns?”


Be careful with those backseat USB thingies…


In my Fiesta, the crushed rear passengers can plug their adapter into the rear lighter socket.


Better yet, get a two-door Mark IV Continental, and the kids can plug their own charger into the rear lighter socket on the door.

Bonus points for remembering to unplug it before the grownup in the front seat sends your phone flying across the parking lot by opening the door.


Your in luck. They make a version with the plug in socket in the rear and it’s only an extra $2.50.


omg, flashbacked to being screamed at on a road trip…to be fair i think i’d probably snapped open and closed that metal ash tray a couple of thousand of times by that point. also recalling leg flesh seared and melded to the seat material on hot days. ah the good ol days. :slight_smile:

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