Yellow duck phone charger


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And people call this place a cradle of marxist socialism.

Look unto our Dear Leader, and followe yea by his divine example of parentage.


It’s big and clunky (roughly 3" square), so while it may be useful for charging tablets, it’s more trouble than to haul around than the chargers that are made for cellphones (typically a 2cm diameter 10-15cm long cylinder.)

A quack remedy for your phone’s lack of energy?


Apparently a young Bill Gates paid his sister $5 for lifelong, non-exclusive usage rights of her baseball glove at any time of his choosing.


He should measure the power the little parasite uses to recharge the device with a “cool tool” and make her pay for the electricity she got for free and sold for profit.


Shouldn’t be the yellow thing under some piece of cloth or a lid or so?
Isn’t it always duck and cover?


Tell her to only charge the device to 30 percent. And that it will now be 2 Dollars to use the the device.

This is how Enron got Started.


Those are the sorts of things that make for really cool memories/interactions as adults.

“Hey Sis, bring your baseball glove to Thanksgiving. I want to use it.”


She better still have it. Bill has good lawyers!


Y’all ain’t from 'round here, are ya?

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Bah humbug to you to!

Those USB ducks aint got nothing on din-dong

shouldn’t she charge more for use of the 2.1 A outlet?

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Young humans often care more for looks and novelty than minimalism. For example, when I was a young teen I had a CD sleeve shaped like a plush hamburger.


Every other year, the high school my wife works at does the Disney Candlelight Processional. Fun trip just as winter starts. Anyway, since we go by bus, one of the biggest problems we had was keeping our phones charged. After an anll-night trip, we hogged all the outlets at a Popeye’s in north Florida, all to get an extra 15% or so on our batteries. Having that old GNex with a stock battery meant I had to leave my phone off almost the entire trip, in case of emergencies, and leaving it on while we were in the parks. I’ll second the notion of just getting a smaller cellphone-specific battery; I kept a spare external battery on me the entire trip.

As an aside, I did the mental math: it took us more time to ride a bus through 4 states than it did for the choral group from Quatar to fly to Orlando.

This year, since I ditched my GNex, I have a phone that supports Quick Charge. So before that trip, two things I need to snag are one of those, and a travel power bar since my old Belkin (stylish but crap) died. Allegedly those Quick Charge units will charge a 2014 Moto X or an M8 in 15 minutes.

And if I was a real jerk, I’d charge for use of that power strip. :wink:

I recall trying to charge my ipad at the airport–LAX, I think it was, and finding that my battery charge remained constant. Then I noticed the markings onthe outlet. If someone diesn’t want to give you the amps, you won’t get them.

The Gates in the firm those “good lawyers” work for, Preston. Gates and Ellis? That was his dad. Unless there are some serious favoritism issues in the family I think she is safe.

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