Kickstarting a line of Orwell-inspired clothes with radio-shielding pockets


I’m not sure that the first model is a member in good standing of the party’s Anti-Sex league…


Neat idea, but Im worried my battery would die while my phone frantically looked for a tower.

How about airplane mode? Do phones still passively check incoming signals, which can then be exploited?

How about a physical key that breaks the connection of the battery, like a more efficient way to remove it.

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Get an axe. Put your phone on a chopping block. Cleave the phone into two halves. Walk away. Your problems have just been solved, comrade!

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Yeah pretty much this. It’s great for a passive card or device, but something like a phone would just continue to search for a signal and eat battery doing it.

I suppose if someone is that paranoid they could just turn the phone off…

Yeah, for the paranoid, they’ll just not carry any phones with them, and use this to block the passive RFIDs in the passports (since they’ll be paranoid enough to not use RFID bus passes or credit cards, just pre-1990 cash).

Do these also block the outgoing radiation that causes brain cancer?

I think that’s the concern: Just because you ask for airplane mode doesn’t mean there are no connections between your phone and Them. So you can put your phone in airplane mode to save battery power, then put it in the bag to reassure yourself there are no connections possible.


Does anyone have any idea what their “stealth fabric” is?

And so, Solomon revealed the true lackey of technology.

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I think the older Openmoko phones have a hard off to the modem blob, I know that the forthcoming Neo900 will have this option as well as no OS/CPU access except the normal data I/O.
I am a hopeful to get one of the Neo900s and a community member but am not one of the build team paid employees.
(edit) there is also hope for a 100% radio passive POCSAG pager module for the add-on port, there is already a working RTL-SDR based paging receiver for the old N900 though it is currently a high power draw USB software defined radio and decoder.
(edit2)The modem is not 100% Richard Stallman approved because it is not a firewalled black box but can be firmware updated, RMS was very into the pager module idea, he commented that it could be his first mobile phone if all FSF requirements were met.

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Reynold’s Wrap.

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No direct information; but the fencing market goes through a decent quantity of conductive fabrics, which presumably work as adequate-enough faraday cages.

Maybe the designers in this case have something nicer in mind; but the stuff used in fencing is fairly tolerant of abuse and sweat and conducts fairly well, in addition to not being too obscure, so it’s what I’d look to first.

The chest-waxing ration has been increased from twice per week to once per week.

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Hi @vonbobo, I’m the project creator and in short, yes, Airplane Mode limits the signals in (and out) of the phone but does not block them completely. Unless you physically remove the battery (impossible on iPhone) you cannot be certain that the phone isn’t leaking (cell, wifi or GPS) even when it’s powered down.

As for your battery concern, after a solid month of testing my iPhone 5 lost between 8 - 11% of its charge over 8 hours inside the UnPocket™, compared to 5 - 8% lost normally over the same period outside the pocket (when the phone is on but not being used). Also I have one of the first iPhone 5’s that have just been recalled by Apple due to dodgy batteries so these should be worst case scenarios. But as mentioned, if you really want to conserve battery then switching to flight mode before putting your phone in the UnPocket™ won’t hurt.

@sssss We’re using different layers of metallised fabrics to create the Faraday cage. Sorry I can’t be more specific than that for obvious reasons.

We never tested the UnPocket for radiation but it does definitely block all RF signals. As to whether or not these = radiation I cannot say.

@dobby for the average layman, the UnPocket™ is a much simpler solution: drop your phone in and voila!

But geeking out…
also you are at BB, you have already transcended the average layman, let your freak flag fly man, we all love you here. Rip your shirt off, paint a mad robot on your chest, and solder something together already!
(edit) btw, the above is a josh, I see your involvement in the project and I appreciate anything which makes it easier to protect ourselves especially something dead simple as a (RF test confirmed) shielded pocket, though a device that we have to pay for which doesn’t conspire against the user is what I am working toward…

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